As we age, the risk of developing colorectal cancer significantly increases. What many people don’t realize is that our diet can play a pivotal role in helping us avoid this deadly disease. Colorectal cancer can develop in a person’s colon, rectum, or both, and poor diets and health issues like obesity have been identified as risk factors (along with genetic propensity and lifestyle factors).

Worst diets for colorectal cancer

In general, diets that are heavy in red meats should be avoided if you are at risk of developing colorectal cancer. This could be partially due to the fact that people who eat meat-heavy diets often eschew fruits, grains, and vegetables, but that is not the only reason.

People who ate diets that leaned heavily toward eggs, cheese, refined starches and other fatty foods (along with red meat) also were twice as likely to develop colorectal cancer than those who ate a plant-based diet.

Finally, people who ate ultra-processed foods, and especially processed meat like salami or bacon were at a higher risk of developing colorectal cancer. Every 50-gram portion of these processed meats every day increased the person’s risk of developing the disease by 18 percent.

Best diets to prevent colorectal cancer

So, now that you know what foods you limit for your daily intake, the question becomes: What should I be eating?

In general, studies suggest that you should eat diets high in fruit, vegetables, and fibers to reduce your risk. Some of the specific diets that could help include:

  • Semi-vegetarian – includes infrequent servings of red meat or fish
  • Pescovegetarian – includes fish, but no meat
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarian – includes eggs and dairy, but no meat
  • Vegan – No animal products of any kind

By eating a plant-based diet, you can significantly reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer. While strictly adhering to diets like these can be difficult, keep in mind that even reducing your intake of red meats and unhealthy, processed foods can have a significant impact on your health.

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